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Everyone loves to give advice. A new parent is showered with advice from every angle. Well meaning friends, colleagues, family, and complete strangers love to impart their knowledge. You just ask your hairdresser, the butcher, the person who sits next to … Continue reading

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Baby Talk

A mother carried her tiny baby into the clinic. When she got to the front of the queue she gingerly lowered her baby onto the scale. I looked down at the baby and said, “Good morning little baby”. The new … Continue reading

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Adjusting to the New Arrival

No preparation ever reflects the reality of the new arrival. Has anyone ever told you just how much time a baby consumes? Babies do not just sleep, drink and gurgle happily in the 24 hours of the day. Baby has … Continue reading

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To Breast or Not to Breast

BREAST IS BEST…This is the phrase most used when advised by a health professional about feeding. The same is heard when family & friends offer advice. We all know the value of breast milk & the benefits of breastfeeding, & … Continue reading

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Preparing Junior for the New Arrival

A long time ago a little girl sat on the stair at the front door. The new brother had just arrived from the hospital, and the ladies of the neighbourhood had just arrived with gifts to come and see the … Continue reading

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Many couples are delighted when those little stripes on the home pregnancy tests change colour. Spare a thought for those who are filled with fear, dread and alarm when they discover that they are pregnant. Pregnancy means many different things … Continue reading

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