Adjusting to the New Arrival

No preparation ever reflects the reality of the new arrival. Has anyone ever told you just how much time a baby consumes? Babies do not just sleep, drink and gurgle happily in the 24 hours of the day. Baby has his/her own language to express needs.  Try to understand the baby’s needs and the way the baby alerts us to needs.

Nobody can profess to have all the answers, but at least some of the difficulties can be addressed. This is not easy, but with trial and error we can become good at it.

Members of the household must become experts in time management.  Time previously spent to do things for yourself has been seriously eroded.

Has new mom manicured her nails since baby’s arrival?

Has she had a long, interrupted bath?

Has the family has many uninterrupted meals?

How much time has mom and dad spent with each other without the new baby making inroads?

How much uninterrupted sleep has any or all of the family members had since the baby’s arrival?

The old adage – many hands make light work – is appropriate in this situation. Mom must learn to delegate some of her daily responsibilities.  Modern dad is more likely to become involved in these early days of adjustment. Let him do his share.  When mom is busy with baby, dad can for instance, prepare the meal and set the table. When mom is having a bath, dad can bath baby, wind baby, or play with the baby so mum can relax and enjoy her bath. Try to nap when baby is sleeping during the day.  This will help with all those uninterrupted nights.

New parents must try to plan the day so that they will at least have some time for each other to strengthen their own relationship.

Even though there will be further adjustments in the household, we are ready to welcome our little stranger.

Teresa Denton ©

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