The Crying Baby

Nothing upsets a new parent more than the crying baby, especially if there seems to be no obvious reason why the baby cries.

The baby also cries with its whole body.

To ascertain the reason for the crying go through the checklist:


1. Hunger (nearly time for a feed)

2. A burp, which has not been dislodged

3. Soiled diaper/ nappy

4. Uncomfortable in the bed (too hot/too cold)


1. A loud, sudden noise disturbed the sleep

2. A fear of falling


Calling you for company.

Sort out the obvious causes for the crying, and the baby should settle down.

Check time in case a feed is due, check diaper, rewrap baby and turn baby onto the other side to dislodge the stubborn burp. Comfort baby with soothing talk and maybe sing a lullaby. (Nobody but baby will hear you singing so you need not be embarrassed by your skill, and baby thinks you are great!)

Now let us pause at the ‘fear of falling’.

For nine months this little infant was tucked up tightly in a uterus with very little space to move. After birth suddenly there is no restriction and this takes some getting used to. Watch a new baby sleeping, and you will notice that he /she will sometimes wake themselves up when the arms and legs thrust out with no restriction. The remedy for this feeling of being ‘unsafe’ is to wrap the new baby tightly, making sure that the arms and hands are also secured in the wrapper.  I generally recommend leaving space for the legs to kick.

This usually helps baby settle down and drop off to sleep.

As the days pass the new baby becomes accustomed to the freedom and will settle down without the tight wrapping. Some babies take longer than others to adjust and the parent must just try out and see what works.

Desperation sets in if everything has been tried…………and yet baby cries!

I have found many a young mother sitting on the bed and crying with the baby.

This will not help the baby. But it may relieve some of your tension.

Lets get practical.

When you have a pain on your tummy for any reason, what do you find most soothing?

A warm bath frequently relieves any abdominal discomfort.

There is no reason to believe that it won’t work for baby.


Remember this is a ‘remedy’ and not the usual daily cleansing bath.

Fill the basin with warm water set out the towels and undress baby quickly.

Lower baby into the water. If baby is on his/her back rest the head on your left forearm secure baby’s left arm with your left hand. This leaves your right hand free to gently massage that sore tummy under the water.

I also recommend to allow the baby’s tummy to ‘hang’ in the warm water.

Turn baby over in the water; hold the face out of the water by supporting the chin with your thumb and forefinger. The right hand is free to gently stroke the back.

As soon as baby has relaxed, remove from tub, dry and dress, rewrap and put the sleeping baby to bed.

Take a deep breathe and go and make that cup of tea, you deserve it!!

©Teresa Denton

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