Time Planning

The day is still 24 hours long, and yet now there is so much more to do in the same time period.

A new baby requires time and if there is another child in the family he/she also require your time and then there is your partner………time, time time!

Where will you find a few more hours just to get things done and get some precious sleep which is never enough?

At the beginning everything takes longer because you are learning new skills, but it will soon speed up as you become skilled.

In the first few weeks, sleep when baby sleeps. Switch off your mobile phone, disconnect the door bell and make sure your friends and family are aware that you do not want to be disturbed.

Please don’t forget to involve your partner in the duties from the beginning. Except for breastfeeding all the chores can be shared by willing hands. There is no demarcation of chores for mum and chores for dad.

Dad can take on the baby bath and as soon as he is comfortable with that she can go and relax in her own bubble bath (this can be a great bonding experience for him).

Dad can take over the cooking while mom is breastfeeding. Involve the toddler in the supervised care of the baby, as this will teach the toddler to share you with the baby.

Accept offers from friends and family to take the toddler off you hands for a few hours. This will help to sneak in that extra hour of sleep.

Meal-times may differ from the past but every effort must be made to have meals as restful and as undisturbed as possible.

Get clever with time management.

Don’t forget ‘ME- TIME’! You must find time to pamper yourself and time to do little things for yourself which make you feel like a wife and a desirable partner

I strongly believe that the marital relationship must be nurtured. Time MUST be set aside for your partner.

One day this little one will grow up and leave home, hopefully your partner won’t!

© Teresa Denton


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