Man has attempted, through the ages, to protect him/herself from disease or at least the side effects of disease.

Millions have been spent on finding cures for the diseases, which threaten the health or the lives of mankind.

Medicines have been developed to treat the various diseases,  some very successful and some less effective.

In spite of all these advances the best way of fighting off diseases and their side effects is prevention.

Prevention of infectious diseases is the aim off all health professionals and health organisations around the world.

If we can prevent the diseases or minimize the complications caused by these conditions, we can protect the most vulnerable amongst us.

Vaccines have been developed to prevent or protect us against many life-threatening diseases.

The first target for protection will always be the most vulnerable people in the population. The most vulnerable amongst us are infants, the elderly, the chronically ill and pregnant ladies.

Due to possible side effects on the unborn foetus, vaccines are administered to pregnant women under the guidance of their health professionals.

People on chronic medication are vaccinated on the advice of their health professionals to exclude adverse reaction of the vaccine on their medication.

The elderly are protected whenever it is possible.

Infants are the largest section of our population we want to protect.

In many third world countries and in many poverty stricken societies infant mortality is far too high. Many an infant’s life is cut short by preventable conditions during the first five years of life.

Every country has immunisation schedules recommended to protect their people own people. The schedules are drawn up taking into consideration the cost and availability of the most effective vaccines threatening the people.

In most countries the recommended vaccines are offered free of charge.

When disease outbreaks occur, mass vaccinations are done to protect the largest possible section of the population.

No new parent likes to see his/her child getting an injection and crying as a result.

It will be far worse if your child becomes ill, lands in hospital and has to have intravenous infusions and many more invasive procedures. Imagine your feeling of guilt if it is a condition that could have been prevented by a vaccine regime.

As a parent you protect your child against any danger.

Please remember that many of these diseases are life threatening.

We owe it to the future generation to protect our children to the best of our ability.

Get informed, get professional advice and protect your little one with all that modern medicine has to offer.

Teresa Denton ©

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