Sleeping Through!

Prevent your baby from turning night into day!

It is possible, and it can be done with 99% of babies in less than one month!
Logic is the main skill that will assist you in getting your baby to sleep most of the night or at least for the longest possible stretch.

What makes it easier for you to sleep well at night?

· You are not hungry
· You are pain free
· You are not uncomfortable (too hot or cold)
· You have had a hot bath or shower
· You are tired

Most of these conditions apply to your baby.

Baby will get the required sustenance in 24 hours. If you don’t give it during the day than the little one will demand it at night. This only means that you should not allow your new baby to go for more than 4 hours between feeds during the day. I know that ‘demand feeding’ is strongly recommended, but the person who recommends it is not available when your baby wakes 2 hourly at night.

Breastfed babies can even be fed three hourly during the daylight hours. A baby who has had sufficient feeds during the day will require less at night.
Before you settle the baby for the night, make sure that he/she has been well fed and well winded.

Wrap your baby appropriately, taking into consideration the room temperature.
The last two points are covered by the bath. Bath the baby as late as possible, in fact, bath the baby just before you go to bed! Baby sleeps well after a bath. Not only does the bath make baby feel good, but it also tires the little one.If you bath baby during the day the long sleep will occur during the day and I’m sure you want the longer sleep at night.

This is controversial advice and you will probably work through some prejudices before you implement it. Many people believe that the baby will become ill if bathed so late. Illness is due to viruses, germs etc. If the room is warm there is no reason for the baby to become ill. As baby sleeps longer at night you can reschedule the bath earlier and within a reasonable time the bath time will be at the usual acceptable time.

Don’t expect miracles, just stick to the schedule and you will reap the reward!

© Teresa Denton

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