Making the Home Baby-Proof

Your baby may not be crawling yet, but it’s never too early to get prepared.
In the first few years of life baby has a lot to learn. There is a whole world out there waiting to be explored and your home is the first port of call.

Look around to ascertain whether there are obvious dangers such as stairways or steep ‘drops’ in a multi-level home. You may have to get creative and erect barriers over the stairs so that baby will not accidentally fall down the stairs. Alternatively you may be able to rearrange the home so that baby cannot get to the obvious dangers once he/she becomes mobile.

Now look around the home for holes that little fingers can explore.
Power points need to be covered.
Also look for wires at baby‘s level which can be pulled or even bitten. You may need to redirect the wires to be out of reach for the little explorer.
Furniture can be placed in front of low level glass windows.

Go to your kitchen. Before the ‘little stranger’ arrived you probably stored your cleaning materials in a cupboard below the kitchen counter. You will need to rethink this arrangement so that the ‘little mobile explorer’ cannot get his/her hands on the dangerous poisons or train yourself to keep these cupboards locked at all times.
Valuable breakable items need to be kept at higher locations.

Remember that little hands can pull on table cloths and crash the items on top of the table.

A play pen can always be used in a room which cannot be made baby-proof. This will also be handy when you are out and about visiting people whose home is not baby-proof.
These ‘little explorers’ move like lightening and a parent may not always be able to move fast enough to prevent accidents, but let’s minimize tragic and dangerous preventable incidents.

I have just given you a few ideas. You have to critically observe your own surroundings and try to make it ‘baby-proof’.

Prevention is better than regret.

© Teresa Denton

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  1. tanyagirard says:

    Reblogged this on Annette's Infants and commented:
    This is a great article for parents who have crawlers and wigglers. Always best to be safe!

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