I am not keen to give a list of developmental steps because I know that mothers, especially first time mothers can become very anxious when their baby does not do the same things, at the same time, as other babies. All babies are different and all babies develop at their own pace. I know it’s human, but please try not to make comparisons with your friends’ babies.

All babies should go through the various steps of gross motor development. They will do it at their own rate and time.

Between four and six months your baby will roll over for the first time.

At about six months your baby will be able to sit unsupported for a few seconds. At about this time baby will grasp a toy and will be able to transfer the toy between hands. When a toy is dropped he/she will look to see where it has dropped. Baby will also smile and hold out arms to be picked up.

When the baby can roll, it is advisable to put baby on a blanket on the floor so that the danger of falling off a bed is eliminated.

Between six and nine months the baby will attempt to crawl. To stimulate the crawling process, toys can be placed just out of reach. The baby will figure out a way to get the toy (don’t be surprised if the baby pulls the blanket to get to the toy – they are very clever that way!).

By nine months the baby is banging toys together. Everything will go to the mouth. More or less at this time baby will take an object between finger and thumb and will also poke at an object with the index finger. Baby may also be able to sit unaided.

Socially the nine month old baby learns to wave goodbye, throw toys away deliberately. At this time they will babble in strings of syllables.

At about a year the baby will be pulling him/herself up against the furniture and will bear walk. Any time after this the baby will take the first few steps! Baby will also know own name and will be able to say two or three words with meaning.

Enjoy each developmental step, it is exciting to witness.

© Teresa Denton

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