Baby Needs More Food

We are in no hurry. The baby will tell you when more food is necessary.

We started with one meal a day, and progressed to two meals a day.

The one meal may have been cereal and the second one puréed vegetables.

Fruit is easy to introduce so I am usually keen to create a ‘vegetable taste’ first before I offer fruit.

At round about six months baby may be eating cereal in the morning, fruit at lunchtime and vegetables at night. At each meal the milk came first and the solids followed. It is more or less this age when the baby’s routine changes. Either the baby will start waking up at night after sleeping through or the baby will start demanding more frequent feeds during the day.

Baby has told you that the solids need to step up.

Increase the quantity at each meal and switch the milk feed to after the solids. We now have to think about adding first class proteins to the diet. I generally suggest chicken as the most digestible ingredient. Lean beef or lamb can follow this and later eventually fish can also be added. Liquidise the meat and start by adding a teaspoon to the vegetable solids.

When introducing a new solid, move that meal to lunchtime until you are sure that baby tolerates that particular new ingredient.

Remember not to add salt to baby’s food until the second year of life.

Bottled baby foods are good and can be used as a convenience food. I normally suggest that it is not wise to use them exclusively because the baby will later reject your home cooked food. At round about seven or eight months you can start mashing the food so that baby can start getting accustomed to ‘lumpy’ food.

You have a blank canvas, enjoy creating your masterpiece. Don’t be biased by your own likes and dislikes, and give your baby the largest possible variety tastes.

© Teresa Denton

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