Baby Outing

Just because you’ve had a baby is no reason why you must stay home.

It is easier to go out with a small baby than maybe later when they are more mobile.

If a baby is protected against the elements there is no reason why little one can’t accompany you to visit your friends.

As long you avoid heavily polluted or smoke filled areas your baby can certainly go on an outing.

It is good to train your baby to settle down wherever you put him/her down.

Even in your own home let baby sleep in different locations. This way when you settle baby down in a strange environment there should be no problem.

Also train your baby to get used to normal sounds and background noises eg vacuum cleaners, music or normal conversation. It should never be necessary to whisper around the home when a baby is sleeping. ( I have seen babies sleeping happily in a rowdy sports stadium!)

So when you resume your social activities your little one should be happy to settle down anywhere and even when you are entertaining your friends.

Train your baby while he/she is young so that it will be normal when baby is older.

© Teresa Denton.

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