Partners after the Children

Life, as you knew it, will never be the same after that little one crept into your hearts and into your home.

Babies and children will change your lives.

Babies and children take up a great deal of your time and there are just twenty four hours in the day.

Must you sacrifice your personal relationships after the arrival of the little ones?

Life will change and time will be scarce but fight for the maintenance of the relationship with your partner.

Soon after the birth the body needs recovery time and, depending on the type of birth, this time will vary. The health professional can advise as to the correct time for the resumption of sexual relations.

Even though the ‘together time’ may be broken it is still extremely important to find that ‘together time’.

Find time just to be with your partner, to chat to your partner, laugh with your partner and to be lover to your partner.

Should it be at all possible, try to arrange a baby-sitter for the occasional evening so that you and your partner can have a few unbroken hours to spend together.

Children are very important in our lives and we do sacrifice a lot for them, but the happiness in the home will be even greater if the relationship between the adults is healthy, relaxed and contented.

One day the children will grow up and leave home, hopefully your partner won’t!

Look after each other.

© Teresa Denton

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