Travelling with Baby

Many a parent has either cancelled, postponed or delayed a trip because of the baby.

Many a parent has experienced acute embarrassment because of a screaming baby on the train, in the bus or in the plane.

There is no magic cure.

Please don’t expect me to come up with the answer to all the travelling woes. I can only offer a few ideas to try.

A baby who is accustomed to travel usually has no problem to settle down on a trip, especially if it is undertaken from a young age.

If you are planning to put baby to sleep in a carry cot, make sure that baby is used to sleeping in it before you go on the trip.

I usually recommend that you take a tired, hungry baby on board. As soon as the flight takes off you feed your baby. When baby has been fed and cuddled he/she will usually settle down and go to sleep.

A little camomile tea can also be used to calm a toddler on the trip.

I normally don’t promote paediatric sedatives for trips, but if you feel the need to use a sedative, discuss it with your doctor. Just a little hint, should you decide to use a sedative, please try it out before the journey. Individual babies react differently to medication and it’s important to know how your specific baby will react. There is a place for medication, but it should be used with care.

Favourite toys can be used to keep toddlers busy so that they do not become restless.

Recorded music can also be useful, but the toddler must be used to the earphones so use them at home before the trip.

A baby senses stress, so mom and dad, you must remain calm so that baby can settle down in a relaxed atmosphere.

Bon voyage!

© Teresa Denton

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