From birth our little ones are exposed to people and the environment.

Throughout life we feel obliged to heal relationships when something goes wrong.

As parents, siblings and friends we all start out with good intentions. No parent can be expected to anticipate all possible occurrences. Parents can just present their offspring with the most balanced environment and be at hand with the guidance that may be required and whenever it is needed.

All families have a first child. First children and only children are exposed mainly to adults. Socialising with other children will develop quite naturally later.

Babies do not play with other babies or children when they are very little. They react to stimuli, which we feed to them.

There seems no obvious need to rush out to join playgroups with your new baby for the sake of the baby.

Playgroups are more important for mum, so that she can get out of the home and socialise with other mothers.

What parent doesn’t like to show off the beautiful baby?

I have encouraged the playgroups more for the mother to get the moral support from other mothers in a similar position. I am a little wary when the mothers are inclined to compare babies with each other and panic because their little one is not doing the same things as Mrs. Jones’s baby. This may cause unnecessary stress.

Babies develop at there own pace, some develop physical skills more rapidly and tend to take longer to speak. The reverse is true for other babies.

Just provide the stimulation and your little one will get there when he/she is ready.

In the first six months it is not so important to expose the baby to other children regularly.

The need to expose your baby to children becomes more important in the second year of life so that they can learn to share toys and react to other children.

Allow the natural development of social relationships and there may be less need to heal relationships that go wrong.

© Teresa Denton.

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