Post Natal Depression

Blame it on the hormones!

We women mostly take full advantage of all our little ‘cravings’ or ‘tantrums’ or emotional out bursts, during our pregnancies.

We blame all these little idiosyncrasies on hormones during our pregnancies. We like the extra attention and pampering while we watch, with alarm as our shape changes.

After the birth of the baby the attention shifts and the baby takes over!

The baby demands over most of our time and deprives us of that precious sleep.

There is no doubt that the hormones play an enormous part in our emotions, but there are many other interlinking contributing factors.

Before they have children many women live active lives, they are in control of their lives and their careers. They have time for themselves and can indulge in a little pampering. They can plan their lives, diary and commitments.

Suddenly when the new baby enters their lives everything changes. There is no routine and their very existence depends on the baby. Life can no longer be planned.

The lady can no longer sleep when she wants to, she sleeps when baby lets her.

She eats when the baby allows her. She is stuck behind four walls and often she is deprived of adult conversation for days on end. Days and nights sometimes just run together.

There is no doubt, she loves the baby and is very grateful for the privilege of being a mother, but the changes in her life are enormous and she needs time to readjust her whole life.

It is therefore small wonder that about five to ten days after the birth of baby she suddenly feels tearful. The people around her, who may notice this phenomenon, are usually bewildered by this sudden emotional change. A phrases such as; “ Why are you crying? You have a beautiful baby and a loving husband, so you have no reason to cry”

This reaction brings on the guilt. The more tears she sheds, the worse she feels. Fortunately the normal ‘post natal blues’ usually are not extensive and disappear as suddenly as they appeared.

The red flag must come out when these ‘blues’ do not dissipate. When these ‘blues’ become increasingly worse and take over normal daily function.

This  lady must pay either her gynaecologist, psychiatrist or clinic an urgent visit.

There is plenty of excellent treatment available, but treatment must be started before this condition gets out of hand.

Nothing I have said should alarm the expectant mother. Just be aware of your body and it’s needs and the changes which take place & you will be fine.

You are not alone, many have been there before you!

© Teresa Denton

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