Special Parents of Special Childen

The group of ladies sat in the lounge having tea and cup cakes.

Various subjects had been discussed and then the ladies started complaining about how dirty their children and toddlers get and the problems of getting the stains out of the clothes.

One lady, who had not partaken in the discussion, suddenly sat forward in her chair. “I would love it if my toddler got dirty” she said. The room was quiet. Mrs Cohen continued; “Joseph always stays as clean as he was when I put him in his chair.”

I want to laud that wonderful group of people who parent and care for children with special needs. These are people who are not necessarily blessed with special skills. They are ordinary people who must have been devastated and felt overwhelmed when this little stranger with special needs entered their lives. There must have been fears, doubts and a great deal of uncertainty when confronted with this challenge.

Their courage when tackling this task surpasses all expectations. I believe that they surprise even themselves by the extent of their coping skills.

What we would consider to be minor achievements become major events in the lives of these parents and their physically or mentally challenged children.

There is a very serious consideration in this situation. The rest of the family also need attention and if there are siblings and a partner, care must be taken to balance time given to the other members of the family.

Those of us who know of someone who is in this situation can occasionally step in to lend a helping hand. We could be creative and donate a little of our time. 

Any relief offered to these remarkable caregivers would highlight our admiration for their dedicated and selfless love.

© Teresa Denton.


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