Nappy Rashes

No matter how careful, many a baby has red buttocks at some time or other. If you have ever been a parent you will feel guilty, and attribute the red buttocks to something you did or didn’t do.

There are several reasons for a red buttocks, let us look at a few.

Occasionally it can be attributed to the nappy/diaper itself. I have known of a few babies whose rash cleared up when we changed the make of the diaper.

A health professional will usually tell you immediately if the rash is due to thrush as that rash has rather an obvious appearance.

Sensitivity to milk or any item, which has been newly introduced into the diet, may also lead to burned buttocks. The diet could also be too acidic, which could make the urine burn the bottom.

Amongst the lot, the teething rash is perhaps the most common. Usually when the baby is teething the urine and even the saliva becomes acidic.

What can be done?baby2

If you can attribute the rash to anything in particular, discontinue that particular item and the rash should show immediate signs of improving.

When the rash first appears, change the diaper/ nappy frequently and wash the bottom with soap and water at each change.

While there is a rash avoid any food which may be acidic, it can always be introduced later and more slowly.

Use copious amounts of the cream recommended by your health professional.

For thrush you must use the anti fungal cream recommended by your health professional or pharmacist.

I have always found that a red bottom responds well to a little airing. Take off the diaper and leave the bottom open for a while. (Do it immediately after changing a diaper to minimize the danger of accidents!) If the bottom can be exposed to the sun for a short while, it can do wonders.

When the urine is very acidic I have often had good results from dusting the bottom lightly with bicarbonate of soda. Bicarbonate of soda is an antacid and usually gives immediate relief.

A process of trial and elimination will help, and with a little care you will succeed with this challenge.

© Teresa Denton.

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