Rooibos Tea

I am aware that this herbal tea may not be available everywhere because it is locally produced and distributed, but it has been exported & where there are South Africans there will usually be Rooibos tea.

I have never worked from a scientific premise as far as Rooibos is concerned.

I chose Rooibos because it’s pure herbal tea, containing no caffeine or tannin. Rooibos also makes a refined tea especially for babies. Mothers can buy the baby Rooibos if they want to, but I feel that the normal Rooibos works just as well if it is made very weak. (the baby Rooibos is a little more expensive)

Rooibos is made with boiling water but can be given at room temperature.bottle 2

Rooibos is given as a weak brew with no sugar or milk added. (it is an acquired taste and may need a little perseverence)

We used this herbal tea for thirsty babies who weren’t partial to drinking plain water.

It can also be used for constipated babies and at times add a ¼ tsp of honey in severe cases. (or alternately a little brown sugar)

Rooibos can also be used as a re-hydrate liquid where the baby has had diarrhoea and the usual re-hydrate fluid is not available.

I used weak black Rooibos to dilute fruit juices since pure fruit juices  have a detrimental effect on milk teeth.

When speaking about Rooibos please look around for their skin products. The range is excellent and scientifically blended.

Not just babies, but many a person enjoys a refreshing cup of Rooibos flavoured to taste!

© Teresa Denton.

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