Comfort Eating

Obesity is a huge problem throughout the civilized world.

Every day we, the parents of the future generation, are fuelling this world wide problem.

I know we all used ‘bribery and corruption’ when giving our children ‘rewards’ for good behaviour. It works, so we continue to use it.

How often we have not opened the cupboard and given a child a snack for good behaviour?

We also use treats as comfort food. When our child is hurt we reach for a sweet snack to comfort him/her.

Now look at your own behaviour. When you are hurt or upset you turn to a snack. When you have achieved success you are inclined to ‘treat’ yourself with something good to eat. This is a deep-seated habit was ingrained when we were young.

www.welcomelittlestranger.wordpress.comEating is associated with comfort or a treat.


When our children are young, we, the parents, are empowered to establish better habits.

A cuddle or hug does not contain any calories and it will give a lovely warm feeling of appreciation to your child when he/she has achieved success.

What about a treat like a story to take your child’s mind off a bump or bruise?

The occasional snack or treat is not a bad thing, but it should not be the everyday norm.

You can also become very creative. An outing or a toy can be used as a treat. Avoid associating eating with comfort or reward.

If you feel you want to give something to eat, why not give a healthy snack like a fruit or carrot? When this child is an adult they will thank you for the calorie-free or the healthy eating habits that you have established in their lives.

© Teresa Denton.

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