The Perfect Mum


I expected a baby I loved so much,

I promised to be a perfect parent,

Read books, attended classes and such,

Information abound wherever I went.


When the baby came home at last

I was nervous but well informed,

Rearing my offspring would be a blast,

I would be judged by how I performed.


My mother and mother in law were kind,

But I felt their advice was outdated.

Any problem in my books I could find,

Unsolicited help I hated.


When baby and I were at last alone,

At first all happened as expected.

I did everything as I was shown.

I was prepared and nothing was neglected.


Then nights of broken sleep became real

And my powers of judgment diminished.

I never had an uninterrupted meal.

All accumulated knowledge just vanished.


Nothing was happening as I had planned,

I needed advice not found in books.

I returned to the help I had earlier banned.

I needed hugs, praise and encouraging looks.


The moral of story is very clear,

Individual babies do not conform.

Keep doors open for advice you may hear.

Loving support is invaluable once baby is born.


© Teresa Denton.

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7 Responses to The Perfect Mum

  1. Nick Jones says:


  2. dawndenton says:

    What a lovely poem!!! Thank you!!!

  3. A wonderful, heart-felt piece of writing! Thank you.

  4. tanyagirard says:

    Reblogged this on Annette's Infants and commented:
    I remember feeling the exact same way when my first child was born! I thought this poem is beautifully written! This is a great blog I follow. Teresa does a wonderful job posting a variety of topics!!

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