The Unwelcome Little Stranger

Please indulge me in my ranting.

We love our own little babies and we strive to be the best parents we can. Often we are so immersed in our own lives that we fail to see some drama playing off around us. In the past three days three incidents drew me back to tragedies that I have left behind in the past.

On a bidding website a young teenager posted an advertisement. She is 8 weeks pregnant, wants to continue her studies and her career and is badly in need of money. She stated that she was prepared to give up her unborn baby to the highest bidder.

Monday throughout the day the public phoned into the radio and angrily declared it an illegal deed for which she was profoundly condemned. Some even suggested that she should be taken into custody. Very few even considered that poor desperate girl. How she must have agonised over the posting before she actually did it? What dire financial considerations must have driven her to think of putting this unborn baby up for auction?     (the posting has since been removed )

Tuesday it was announced in a news bulletin that a desperate couple had posted on another website that they were looking for a baby to adopt. They had followed all the legal channels but the waiting lists were so long that they had given up hope. They are professional people and want a baby who will fit into their home and their lives. The legal red tape had brought them nothing but years of frustration, and no light at the end of the tunnel. Even the welfare worker had advised them to advertise their needs.

The last straw was later Tuesday night when a spokesman for a children’s charity called the radio station. In recent months their funding has diminished by 75%. Companies that had previously funded them had withdrawn funds because the government refused to grant the companies contracts because the charity did not serve the majority of black children. As the spokesman said, when a child in need knocks on the door for help, we can’t say,  “What is your skin colour?” If the child is not of the recommended colour, must the charity send him or her away?

It is so sad that the law makers often don’t actually consider the child’s needs when drafting the rules and regulations which govern children’s lives. Must political correctness decide whether a needy child gets help?

Sometimes we just need to be aware of the desperate situations of our fellow man and thank God that our lives are so much easier.

© Teresa Denton.

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