Strive for Health

Health is often defined as physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease.  If we accept this definition then there cannot be many people in the world who are actually healthy! The vast majority of us are stressed.  We put pressure on ourselves, our partners and even our children.

We blame the authorities; we blame the criminals; we blame the situation in which we find ourselves.  Some leave their city, country or just change their environment to find greener pastures in a ‘Utopia’.  Many of us invest in expensive cars, homes, security systems and financial deals, but what do we do for our bodies?

We eat too much or we eat irregularly.  We drink too much or we pop too many pills.  We constantly suffer from headaches, ingestion, depression and chronic tiredness.

STOP! Evaluate the situation!  Your body needs some replenishment.

Moms out there, let dad do some babysitting so that you can spend some time with your friends.  Better still, invite the in-laws to stay for a weekend with the children so that you and your partner can get away and get to know each other again.

Long term solutions lie in the hands of the politicians, but we only have one body in this lifetime and we need to look after it.  Allow your body the luxury of a rest so that your defenses can be strengthened to face the stress of our society as it strives for health.

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