That all important message

Parents/ guardians and other care givers, how do we tackle that all important message to our growing little ones that they should respect their own bodies and expect others to have that same respect.

Read what a poet once wrote and you may pick up some inspiration.

My Body’s Nobody’s but Mine 


My body’s nobody’s body but mine

You run your own body, let me run mine.


My body jumps and it can run all around.

It flies through the air, or crawls on the ground.


Your body loves to pedal a bike.

Our bodies do whatever they like.


Don’t hit me or kick me, don’t push or shove.

Don’t hug too hard when yopu show me your love.


Sometimes it’s hard to say “No!” and be strong.

When the “no” feelings come, then I know something’s wrong!


‘Cause my body’s mine from my head to my toe

Please leave it alone when you  hear me say “No!”


Secrets are fun when they’re filled with surprise

But not when they hurt us with tricks, threats and lies.


My body’s mine to be used as I choose,

Not to be threatened, forced or abused.


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